decemberlight 2016

dear ruhepool berlin

clients, friends, beloved ones

december arrived

last month of a year full of movement

days are so short already

that there is barely light enough

to work all through

that we would like to have finished

b4 the end of the year arrives

another year of the 21th century of human chronology

comes to it s end

looking forward

to another new year

full of surprises

we are

as your ruhepool berlin

extremely happy

to serve, assist

and support you

with your wellbeing


within already nearly 6 months since our reopening in july 2016

gratefully we did share such al lot of great and magic moments

together with you


more and more clients

who sense the new sounds of universe and hear the voices & signals

of their own bodies, minds & souls

do visit our precious place

to find and meet our helping hands & hearts & wisdom

to follow their own direction more carefully


with delightfull wishes

karin töpfer



ruhepool berlin

time & space for your wellbeing

your body, mind & soul spa