oh my god

wenn ich jetzt mal so eine ganz kurze zusammenfassung geben dürfte von dem, was seit 11.4.2015 geschehen ist, in wievielen sätzen liesse sich das tun, wieviel worte würde ich dafür bedürfen.

dear jenny gave a wonderfull resumee ..


klick & enjoy this, with my special thank to truepassioned jenny : 


'wenn das universum unsichtbar bleiben will, sorgt es dafür, dass es wie ein zufall aussieht ... '


oh my god, wieviel klarer immer noch jeden tag alles sein und werden kann, i truly truly love life. not that i would call it easy. nor heavy. it is. life is. 

some pretty good instruments & tools to move & transform heartclouds, mindclouds & soulclouds & eyeclouds: observation in stillness is an instrument you should never ever underestimate and you really should take daily time for it, vanishingh your own critical taboo zones is a solidary tool for your community, train to listen to the truth within the spoken and unspoken areas of life as a daily ritual, join your own (virtual) reality, 



each time i tell my daughter that i once learned that each time i see a white feather it is a sign that an angel is with me, she says, yeah, or it means, that this is a feather of a bird who lost it. quiet cool conversation.

hellooo, how are you today ?